In support of the fitness community,  Fitworthy is waiving all platform fees so that 100% of sponsorship revenue goes directly to studios and instructors


The future of brand partnerships for your studio and events

Fitworthy makes it easy to partner directly with 100s of the top health & wellness brands who are members of our community

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Tone House
Tone House

Why Join Fitworthy as a Studio or Event?

Become discoverable to top brands

Increase your revenue through paid sponsorships

Delight your customers & attendees

With a listing, you’ll get noticed by some of the top health & wellness brands looking to partner with studios & events

Monetize your brand, following, and email list. Form mutually beneficial partnerships and let brands know your rates

Excite your audience by working with brands to provide free product, discounts & other giveaways or promotions

Earn additional revenue, get free products & exclusive discounts through partnerships with top brands

Receive message requests from interested brands.

Add your studio or event listing on Fitworthy.

Communicate directly & use our dashboard to stay organized.

Using Fitworthy is an easy way to communicate and partner with consumer brands.




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"Fitworthy saved us hours of back & forth by streamlining the partnership process. We've formed partnerships with top brands that enable us to offer product giveaways & exclusive discounts to our audience. Looking forward to seeing this community grow!

- Kenny Rosenzweig, Co-Founder | Rowgatta

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