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Why Join Fitworthy as an Instructor?

Become discoverable to top brands

Get noticed by some of the top health & wellness brands looking to partner with the best fitness talent

Make money through paid sponsorships

Have a strong following? Receive sponsorship requests from brands and provide them with your rates

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Make additional income & increase your exposure through partnerships

How it Works

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Communicate directly & use our dashboard to stay organized.

Using Fitworthy is the easiest way to find brand partners for your virtual workouts, get hired for IG takeovers, and lead livestream workouts for brand employees.




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"Fitworthy has allowed me to connect with some of the best fitness & wellness brands that are interested in sponsoring my virtual workouts. These are challenging times for the fitness community, so being able to generate some additional income through sponsorships makes things a lot easier.

- Kyle Axman, Rumble Training

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